Roulette is one of the most popular games, in which the user can bet on color, sector, group numbers or only one number. The roulette in online casinos works exactly the same way.. We recommend only trusted establishments., such, as Slotor. In this article, we will tell, how to make money on online roulette and, what strategies you need to apply for this.How can I make money on the roulette online casino

To begin, select the correct game. If you want to bet on a group of numbers or sector, the best will be no zero roulette, but the largest gains at the rate of one number, you can pick on the French Roulette. Also, punters are advised to adhere to the originally selected game system. In no case do not go for broke. So you will very quickly lose all your money.

But the most effective rule, how to beat the roulette, strategies are. All strategies are based on the right bid management, depending on the situation. Therefore, before you start the game read them and choose your method of play.

Martingale system. This strategy is the emphasis on the, to bet on a color, sector or group of numbers. In this case, after the gain or loss is necessary to double the bet.

Thomas Donald system. By using this strategy the player chooses a color for your bets, without changing its. In case of loss, the rate should be increased twice, and after winning halve. Such rates can be made on a specific color only 36, then you must choose a different color or finish the game.

column and dozen Strategy. In this scheme, the player bets on the field with numbers, in which winnings paid 1:2. If you lose a bet must be multiplied twice. The probability of earning by using this strategy is 66,6%.

strategy 5 of 6. When choosing this scheme the player bets on the numbers five groups. If the ball falls on the empty sector, player multiplies bet. The probability of winning with such a strategy is equal to 85%.

Fibonacci strategy. With this scheme, the player spins the roulette for free and examines the sequence numbers, which dropped ball. You then need to make a sequence, and sticking to it, betting. It becomes necessary to strike the winning number.

According to the results of this article we want to emphasize, that no strategy, of the above and other, does not give 100% win guarantee, because when you play a lot depends on luck player. However, to improve their chances of success can still be, correctly applying the strategy in this exciting game.

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