Everyone wants to his house was a fortress, in which he can safely spend time with family. Unfortunately sometimes reality does not coincide with our dreams, therefore it is necessary to equip it properly. That in this case you can use? The answer to the question is given in this article.

Burglary protection

Дом в отсутствие его владельцев является лакомым кусочком для воров. Часто они проводят разведку, to find out when nobody is at home, and how it will be possible to enter the building. You will of course need to be protected from this, but how to do that? Here are some tips.

First Things First you have to set the lock on the gate, в этом случае хорошо себя зарекомендовали домофоны, that contrary to popular belief are able to hinder attackers conceived. Imagine for a moment that the thieves want to get inside. Not having them access key will either have to break the lock, or climb over the fence, In both cases, their actions will attract the attention of passers-by, to call the police and tell what they saw.

A second major barrier to thieves should be the front door. In this case, the well-proven certified locks and sash having a high grade of burglary. Of course, this is not to say that the security door is impossible to crack, but delay the intruders for half an hour and get to work hard, they are quite capable.

Еще одной важной защитой являются противовзломные рольставни. They are installed on the windows, to further protect his property. В этом случае следует сделать ставку на эффективные продукты такие как Aluprof. Помимо защиты от взлома, их конструкция обеспечивает термическую и акустическую изоляцию. Эти преимущества вы оцените, especially on hot days, as well as in the case, when you want to shut out the noise of a busy street or a neighbor, who likes to mow the grass in the early morning on weekends.

safety of household

To ensure safety in the house on the market offers a variety of solutions, since IP video surveillance cameras, ending with the smart home system. Part of a smart home is the ability to remotely control heating, but that the monitoring was complete, the market has been presented gsm alarm system for the boiler, thanks to which the phone there are reports of emergency situations. On the one hand it allows you to turn off the heating boiler to determine the cause of failure, with another – no need to expose the health dangers of household, in case of sudden power. This small children are especially important when the house.

Another safety system protects the house from flooding, It consists of a sensor located on the floor. so here, in case of leakage and ingress of water, respectively, to the floor, it automatically closes the emergency tap water supply to the house. This is a very good solution which has proven its usefulness.

Next in importance is a fire alarm, comprising sensors responsive to smoke. In this case, they are located in each room and hallway. They can be wired, and wireless. In the case of the latter one should not forget to change the batteries, system to work smoothly.

Of course, the above tips are effective, but despite this, it is desirable to connect an additional alarm. The benefits of the latter will be discussed in the next video. Enjoy watching.

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