It is impossible to imagine a comfortable life without quality plumbing, special, without a strong and comfortable toilet. Long gone times, when the toilet room was unpretentious and whipped up a decorated room, and nowadays more attention is paid to details. But which toilet, urinal, or bidet choose? We will answer this question below..

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How to choose the right toilet, urinal, or bidet?

First of all, you need to look at the type of plumbing required. Let's, do you need a toilet. First of all, pay attention to the mounting method.


The most inexpensive models, and, at the same time, sustainable and safe. Compact toilets deserve special attention - this is the most common plumbing of this kind.. Compact toilets are installed in almost every home due to their large number of advantages and practically absent disadvantages..

They got their name CD back in those days., when almost all toilets had a separate cistern, which was suspended on the wall. There was a pipe from the tank, through which water entered the toilet bowl. It was not very convenient, not aesthetically pleasing and not harmonious. They were replaced by compact toilets, which are small in size and harmonious in design.

What are the advantages of compact toilets?

  • Small size. Compact toilets take up less space, than tall toilets.
  • Harmonious design. When the toilet bowl and cistern are combined into one structure, then this has a positive effect on the general situation.
  • Lack of pipes in sight. If in tall toilets a sufficiently large pipe runs along the wall to the cistern, then in compacts all pipes and holes are hidden!
  • Huge selection. Compact toilets exist in many variations: small and large, white and colored, with vertical and horizontal drain, with and without a bowl.

Compact toilets can be called universal plumbing, suitable for any toilet and bathroom setting. Do not forget to consult with our specialist before purchasing!


Elegant and minimalistic, these toilets will look harmonious in any environment! Hanging toilet bowls, urinals and bidets are modern and elegant sanitary ware.

Hanging toilets are a two-piece design: toilet bowl and installation. Installation is wall-mounted, then covered with plasterboard, or plaster. Only the flush plate remains on the surface. Usually, installation for the toilet is purchased separately, although there are options, that come with the installation.

Pros of hanging toilet bowls, urinals and bidets

  • Compactness. The cistern of the wall hung toilet is located inside the wall, and only the toilet bowl is installed outside.
  • Elegance. Hanging toilet bowls, urinals and bidets blend harmoniously with any setting.
  • Reliability. There is an opinion, that wall-hung toilets can fall off the wall even with slight pressure, but it is not so.

Hanging toilet bowls, urinals and bidets are more expensive, but they are harmoniously combined with the interior of the toilet or bathroom, beautiful and give high comfort!

note! Installation of a wall-hung toilet, urinal or bidet complex, and it is better to entrust its installation to an experienced specialist.


A compromise between floor-standing and pendant models. They are distinguished by their minimalism and low price..

Attachable toilets, urinals and bidets are some of the oldest types of plumbing of this kind, along with floor. After that, suspended models appeared., which are gaining popularity today. But still, we are talking specifically about attached toilets.

Most often, these are toilets type “compact”, which are small in size, and can be easily installed in the chosen place (close to the wall). When it comes to attached urinals and bidets, then they almost did not change their shape since the first models.

About the advantages of attached toilets, urinals and bidets:

  • Low price. Unlike pendant options, to which you need to purchase additional installation, attached are cheaper and more profitable.
  • Fast and convenient installation. You only need to move the toilet, urinal or bidet to the wall, and connect it to water supply and sewerage.
  • Big variety. Among the many attached toilets, there is sure to be one, which you will like.
  • Reliability. Because of, that the attached plumbing stands on its foundation, not suspended, it is more reliable and more durable!

Attachable toilets, urinals and bidets are the best choice in terms of price and quality!

After choosing the type of installation, you need to choose the type of control. Wall hung toilets, often, this is a wall key, while floor-standing and movable ones have a button on the tank. Sometimes electronic toilets are also found..

Don't forget to also pay attention to the shape of the bowl.. It is of two types: straight (vertical bowl) and horizontal (bowl like in old toilets). Here the choice depends on personal preference and the purpose of the toilet. (for apartments, or medical institutions).

Special attention should be paid to the release of the toilet. It can be straight, oblique and vertical (entering the floor). At this point, you need to build on the readiness of pipes and outlets for release.

Select urinals and bidets in the same way, and the only difference is the lack of a tank.

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