To build a house you need a piece of land and the project. But if in the case of the first all clear, the second is not so simple. On the Internet you can find a whole bunch of finished projects, but they are prepared for the needs of others. After reading this article you will learn how to choose a, ready-made or designed according to your needs?


Observing the construction of a house it may seem that everything is simple, just draw a layout on paper and start pouring the foundation, but it is not so. Construction design is an activity in which representatives of various professions are involved:

  • constructors;
  • installers;
  • architects…

It is thanks to them that fully functional houses are being built., in compliance with all requirements for thermal insulation, taking into account current technologies and building materials available on the market.

Benefits of a finished project

One of the advantages of finished projects is the ability to find out the cost of construction even before choosing a specific project. Household estimates allow investors to better budget. Besides, assessment is very useful in the course of work with the contractor and allows you to control the construction at every stage.

A finished project is a good solution when a short implementation time is important for an investor. They are not only chosen by private clients, but also construction companies. The latter need design solutions already proven on the market. Thus, minimize investment risk and increase the likelihood of a profitable property sale. Not without significance is the fact, that finished house projects are much cheaper, those that are prepared on an individual order.

Benefits of an individual project

Which to choose a house project - ready or individual?

Each person is individual and has his own needs in living conditions. One can be a feng shui supporter, the other – his ardent opponent. As the first, so is the second, will need different projects:

  • arrangement of premises relative to the cardinal points;
  • room sizes and ceiling heights.

Based on this, the first advantage of an individual project is the satisfaction from the built house., as it will meet your needs and expectations. No savings comparable to this.

Another advantage of an individual project is the possibility of building on a plot of unusual shape. In this case, it will be necessary to create a special project that takes into account:

  • future size and shape;
  • functionality;
  • individual needs.

In the latter case, it is practically impossible to find a finished project, since each site has its own conditions and sizes..

How is the order of an individual project?

By ordering architectural project from the DOM4M company the client provides information about:

  • number of rooms and floors;
  • desired ceiling height;
  • type of heating;
  • and location on the site.

With this in mind, the architect creates a preliminary layout and presents it in the form of visualization. Final changes are possible during performance, and adaptation to local conditions. Then it is transferred to paper and approved.


The choice between an individual and a finished project depends on the needs of each client. You need to take into account not only financial capabilities, but also, first of all, conditions of a specific land plot. From the video for this article you will receive additional useful information on the choice between a ready-made and an individual project.. Enjoy watching.



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