Tile adhesive composition tailored to the operating conditions of the material and the material, of construction of tiles - ceramics, natural and artificial stone, granite.

Tile Adhesive

The manufacturing process of the adhesive mortar based on cement materials requires proper selection of ingredients, accurate dosing components and thorough mixing of the components. The generated mixture was dry small fraction of the processed, which, when mixed with water forms plastic substance. As a result of the passage of the consumer receives the technological operations tile adhesive with high performance and unique recipe.

By incorporating into the formulation of the composite modifying additives manufacturers regulate and improve many properties of the product. Component composition modifying additives and their percentage vary depending on the intended mixture.

Used in the manufacture of additives belong to different groups:

  • substances, which regulate the rheological properties of the product;
  • modifiers, structural features responsible for the dry mixture;
  • substances, responsible for formation of the viability periods and curing the mortar mass;
  • Components, which have a multifunctional action;
  • substances, possessing unique qualities.

In general, the product volume modifiers make up no more than 5%. but, their presence can give a mortar material necessary physical and technical characteristics.

Using modifiers organic and inorganic origin provides a unique product in quality. Through the addition of enhanced solution flexibility, reduces the risk of cracking, increasing water-holding capacity, resistance to direct sunlight and atmospheric moisture, frost resistance and adhesion performance adhesive mixtures. Improving the quality indicators of the mortar material can reduce labor costs, improve economic efficiency, increase profitability. With the introduction of the mixture into the formulation of water-soluble polymers (acrylic and latex components) solution increases plasticity, thereby increasing the degree of workability and an increase in productivity.

Due to the modifying agent neutralized the negative properties, product quality give the planned, possible to achieve a balance.

All manufacturers of dry mixes kept secret product formulation, including component composition modifying additives.

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