Plasterboard leveling – video

Drywall is a versatile item for renovation. With its help, you can not only create new designs, but also align the old. If the walls in the room are very far from ideal, then you can use such wonderful material to, to align them. Installation of drywall can be done by yourself.

There are two ways to work with gypsum boards on ready-made walls - wireframe and frameless.

A frameless way to install drywall on walls is pretty simple., but it is not always possible to use it. It will work great in that case., if the irregularities on the wall are insignificant. There are two options for its implementation..

  1. In the first option, it is possible to attach drywall sheets to the wall after preliminary cleaning.. You can use special glue for this procedure.. Fastening is quite quick and easy. In this case, the area of ​​the room, where are the repairs carried out, will not decrease.
    • Frameless method of mounting drywall sheets on glue. Video instruction
  2. Frameless way of wall cladding with plasterboard without the use of glue - fixing sheets using special dowels. The essence is the same. The area of ​​the room will remain unchanged, and the wall will be aligned. Such options are often used to, to avoid lengthy preparatory work on the old surface before wallpapering or painting walls. Plasterboard cladding in this case will be an excellent option..

What to do in that case, if the irregularities on the wall are very noticeable, and the option to glue the gypsum board simply disappears? Then you should turn to the method of attaching drywall to a previously created frame. For this technique, drywall profiles will be used.. There is a small minus in this way - the area of ​​the room will be smaller after repair. This is due to the fact, what the frame will take away about 10-12 cm from the area of ​​the room on the side of each wall.

All work will begin with drawings and creating a plan on paper. At this point it is worth noting, where exactly on the wall there will be switches and sockets. In the future, this moment will help to avoid erroneous drawings on the surface and unnecessary actions.. The field of, how is the "project" ready, it is worth transferring the drawings to the wall. A pencil is used for this., ruler, cord, nails.

After determining the place for creating the frame, it should be marked on the ceiling.. It is from this point that the process of fixing the guide profile will begin. When using a plumb line, the place of attachment of the frame on the floor will also be determined.. These two marks will be the beginning of the installation of the NP. It should also be attached to those walls., which are adjacent to the wall, which is processed. As for the floor and ceiling, then attachment to them is carried out with a step of about half a meter. In this case, special nails-dowels are used..

Next, vertical guides are attached. When, if their length is not enough, connectors are used. And the profile is adjusted to the desired length. This will help save time too., and money.

The optimal distance between the profiles is 60 cm. you can say, that the profile itself will run along the edge, as well as the middle of the GCR. Next will be the installation of suspensions. This will make it possible to make the frame more durable..

At the place where two sheets of material are joined, horizontal profiles are installed. They are attached using single-level connectors.. The base for fastening will be the main frame.

After that it is worth carrying out all the wires and communications, since after installing the gypsum board it will no longer be possible. If the plans included soundproofing, it's time to use all the materials for that, to make it. Plasterboard leveling - video

Now you can start attaching the drywall sheets themselves. They will be installed using self-tapping screws.. The distance between the latter will be about 15 cm. the caps of the self-tapping screws should not look out of the material. Otherwise, the cost of the putty will be much higher, than originally intended. And drywall putty will take much longer..

For step-by-step instructions for installing drywall on the frame, see the video below.


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