If you are with his family moved into a new home, or vice versa, just going to build it, it is first necessary to construct a fence. This fence will separate you from prying eyes, and serve as protection against burglars, which is very convenient, if you have not built a house.

The order of execution of works construction fence

  • To start zagotovte intake pipe, their length must be approximately 2 m 45 cm.
  • Then, dig pits, the distance between them should make - three meters. In connection with this segment, It recommended to use the 6-th bar, on which are mounted trapezoidal sheet (it is best to buy it already galvanized with a length of 1,65-1,75 m).
  • Before inserting the bars into the groove, their lowest part is required to be treated with tar, this is done with a view, to avoid in a short time of corrosion.
  • To pillars were well fortified in the pit, necessary to fill it with a large quantity of gravel solution.
  • After that, all harvested pillars will be installed, we can safely proceed to the consolidation of timber.
  • timber corners need to be fixed on the above, to get a high fence, ie. corrugated board will serve for all the pillars edge.
  • For fastening timber need to use a drill, ie. drill holes and fasten, what is more convenient for you, eg, special nails.
  • When you start to fix profiled, then make sure that, that he have even, not "dancing" and down, it up. Therefore it is necessary to resort to the level of.
  • Fixing screws of the building material is produced with special caps, to make it easier to screw. If you want to use the usual, then they can be simply driven into the timber.
  • Attach have profiled the top and bottom, so the two series you will go about 9-11 screws. For their smoothness can be all the seats for the nails chalk mark.
  • In general, the resulting construction is very sturdy, and therefore, it will last you a very long years.

Upon completion, you will be able to, all the boards and poles painted in the color you like, so that they blend with the landscape design.


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