For the urban dweller concepts “asphalt” and “landscaping” for the most part they are synonymous. Therefore, first thought to get ownership of land with country cottage or a cottage “Do not asphalted all here?” However, a positive or negative decision here in the first place depends on, what if asphalting the territory of the price turnkey and what factors it depends.

Paving the suburban area

General information on asphalt

Despite the fundamental similarity, in detail the processes road asphalting *and adjacent territories (sites) have significant differences. they start at the stage of preparation of the underlying “pillow” for future asphalt pavement. If the bearing properties of the soil allow, “pillow” a pedestrian area will consist only of not very thick layer of compacted sand, while under the roadbed necessarily fit multilayered “a sandwich”, consisting of sand and gravel a few varieties. This is due to the fact, that per unit area of ​​the roadway falls far greater alternating loads, rather than on the sidewalk.

The composition of bituminous mixtures for roadway pavement and also varies. Generally, there are a variety of standardized parameters for asphalt mixtures (we will send a details the interested reader to the existing GOST 9128-2013 and related technical literature), but the layman it is enough to know about the existence of the so-called “hot” and “cold” mixtures. The first are composed of high-viscosity bitumen road and placed at a temperature not less than the mass of 110 + ° C, and the second – at least at + 5 ° C. That is why the roadbed puts “spetskombayn” Heated asphalt mix gas burners, and asphalt pavement can be virtually hand – which obviously affects the amount of used equipment and the cost of works.

In general, non-specialist to determine “approximately” the amount and cost of materials and works on asphalting extremely difficult, but specialized firms usually provide free travel on their specialist area for budgeting. Also most firms specifies a minimum area of ​​the stacking asphalt pavement: it can vary from a few dozen to a few hundred square meters. Minimum same price of a simple laying of asphalt pavement is now typically starts at 400-500 rubles per square meter.

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