Glass wool was used by domestic builders as the heating material for a long time, but, recently, the market has seen its analogues, one of which was "eco-wool". According to the feedback of professionals, insulation ecowool very effectively, economical and safe. This is not surprising, ecowool as produced from a natural cellulose after recycling paper material, as part of this heater has a harmless tetraboric and boric acid, which are also used in medicine. In other words, ecowool as safe for human health and the environment, that competitors she practically no.

It is also necessary to clarify, what, heated ecowool remains non-toxic, it does not release any other harmful substances, than the "brag" Styrofoam can not, But it is also often used as a heater. Cellulose Fiber Another advantage is its excellent fire resistance, often, it becomes an obstacle ecowool, which can not overcome an open flame and smoldering. The whole secret in boric acid, which starts to produce heated water, and cellulose, it absorbs, ie burning wet paper itself can not be.

without insects

Ecowool do not like the taste of various parasites and small rodents, because it contains boric salt, which is not conducive to and the development of various bacteria, mold and mildew. Eventually, best quenchers for wooden walls, perhaps, could not be found.

But, there is still this material and its relative "cons", eg, region, which can be used is limited ecowool. for example, insulate its saunas and baths does not make sense, because it actively absorbs moisture, the same can be said about the floor insulation, or areas with insufficient water-proofing and high level of humidity.

Besides, to cope with their own sometimes difficult ecowool, therefore, should be involved in the process of warming ekoatoy professionals. maybe, it is not a lack of, but, it's worth knowing, if you choose this heating material, and the experience of its use or insufficient, or completely missing.

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