Buying new furniture - exciting procedure. I want to buy a beautiful and reliable model, which will be pleasing to the eye and serve for many years. Many first of all pay attention to the appearance of the product, Manufacturer Reviews, build quality accessories, and only then specify material, from which it is made. Meanwhile, an important question, and no harm will learn about all the nuances in advance, but not in the store, when are you going buy TV Stand, cupboard, bed or otherwise. Ability to understand the furniture industry materials will allow to choose quality items and save on these purchases, not overpaying money to spare.

DSP, Chipboard and veneer

Pressed chips and sawdust are the basis for particleboard. Adhesive agent in the resin is firmly holds the remains of wood, the result is a reliable strong material, which is easy to glue, process. Due to low prices and properties, such as fire resistance and durability, it was widely spread and popularity. Chipboard characterized by the presence of CPD on the film surface, simulating mostly natural wood. Special distribution was received in the manufacture of cabinets.

Solid wood is worth a lot. Enterprising and practical furniture manufacturers have found a way - began to naklevat chipboard thin plates of natural wood. To distinguish in this case furniture from solid wood and veneer is almost impossible. A little trick: edge products from veneer is glued or have a texture, which differs from the main surface.

To check how you get high-quality material, ask for a seller of quality certificates. Formaldehyde emission class E1 must be marked class - this parameter is responsible for environmental friendliness, It indicates the presence of odor. It is not recommended to purchase products with the support elements, thickness of less than 18 mm.


MDF Production occurs during pressing of wood chips at high temperatures. natural lignin, which is released from wood during this procedure, It serves adhesive. Synthetic adhesive agent in the production of MDF does not apply. Furniture turns eco-friendly, durable, it does not threaten corrosion.

MDF and natural wood

Fiber can not boast a long service life, but it has a wide range of applications. It is used for the manufacture of the rear wall of cabinets, bollards, komodov. Made of wood, water and synthetic substances.

Natural wood expensive high-quality material. However, if production did not pass the required quality processing, It can be easily damaged.

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