virtual reality technology now used in many areas of daily life. Also on this technology we paid attention and operators of many online casino, eg,, and well-known developers of online games. With gamblers developed technology now can get to almost the present gambling establishment, without leaving your home casino

Online Casino is now offering its users a vast range of proven and reliable video slots on various subjects, and in the top casinos also introduced virtual reality technology and VR. Features of these innovations in the, the user is immersed in the game almost in the real world, it is the "real" gambling establishment, going from table to table, communicating with other players and casino staff. User literally plunges into the world of bright gambling. virtual reality technology can make all online games are very realistic.

VR technology has not yet gained such popularity among the users and the owners of Internet casinos are adopting a very cautious. While VR technology is implemented only in a few online games. For the game the user will need a helmet or glasses virtual reality, which are not cheap. Wearing a helmet, the user will fall into a casino, looks like a real ground-based gambling establishment. It will be "live" dealers, and the player will be surrounded by multiple tables, slots, each of which can be played, as in a regular casino. VR technology allows the player to get an unforgettable experience, opening the world of gambling entertainment in a different light.

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