Many owners of residential property throws in a shiver at the thought of how much it can cost repair their apartments, scary to imagine, what happens in this case with the owners of private houses. Really, if you present a budget repair, pole of the cost of finishing materials, plus the cost of services professionals - give 400 drops "something".

How to reduce the repair budget

If you pull yourself together and think about it, it is possible to prevent the, that part of the repair work is quite possible to perform independently, which means savings, And often quite a decent amount. Take for example the installation of a stretch ceiling, here, as they say, "Afraid of eyes, and make up ", savings can be achieved:

  • At first, if you buy a matte PVC fabric is white, for some reason it is cheaper than the other options;
  • Secondly, if you buy a profile in the "Imperial-DV," the required amount in the shop, here are the lowest prices, tested;
  • third, if all installation perform yourself, saving up 30-40 percent due to the refusal of service installers to install ceiling film.

Tools required for self-assembly

Virtually all of the following tools or already have in your arsenal, or they can borrow from a good neighbor, or, in a pinch, to rent:

  • Puncher or drill (It depends on the walls);
  • Ladder;
  • heat gun (needed for heating the room temperature to degrees 50-60);
  • Level, necessarily laser, accuracy, how is it there, the politeness of kings, and a distinctive feature of good home masters;
  • dowel, hammer, Screwdriver - one line.

How to Get Started

Lest a mishap, should begin with the premise - smaller, eg, with bathroom or toilet. Good luck, you must succeed!


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