The range of modern shops, offering a variety of products for construction and repair is huge and varied. Sometimes from non-professionals may be some problems, with a choice, eg, various fasteners, and raise questions, that experts, probably, It may seem ridiculous. One such question might sound something like this: it is different from the self-tapping screw, and if they are two different fasteners, then what actually is the difference?

Where can I buy

Choosing one or the other fasteners, you can go to the directory Ukrainian «Stream Market» Wholesale Online Store, where you can not just select it and buy in any quantity, but also order the delivery of your purchase in any corner of the country. To find, by the way, in the range of the store can not only screws and self-tapping screws, but also any goods to cities and villages, for industrial enterprises, as well as for residential suburban zhomov, city ​​apartments and villas / gardens.

What is different from the self-tapping screw

Screw - so the fastener, which is designed for tightening and fastening parts made of "soft" materials, eg, of wood or plastic. Screws, It looks very similar to a screw - it has the same rod with a pointed end and a hat, and the same thread, but, Use this fasteners when working with a "hard" materials, eg, with iron. Therefore, the external differences from the screw of the screw is really not so easy, but still possible, if you read some of the alloy product is created, or if a closer look at the pointed tip, in the screw it a little sharper, something in screws.

There is a difference in the technique of using the two fasteners, eg, a screw screwed into a prepared hole, a hole for the screw can not be prepared in advance. Understand the intricacies of the classification of these products handyman does not necessarily, but to know the features and benefits of both screws, and screws to know it does not hurt, since this quality depends on, durability, and most importantly, reliable mounting.

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