How many hours of practice and theory should be in a driving school per category

How many hours of practice and theory should be in a driving school per categoryStudying at a driving school, like any other establishment, takes time. Who needs a little less time, to learn how to drive, to whom – A bit more. However, the process of transport management requires a good knowledge of theory and regular practice.. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to master all the subtleties, and there are no trifles in driving. Each mistake can lead to very serious consequences..

Before enrolling in a driving school, almost every future student asks a question, how much time should be spent on training, maybe just better buy category A rights. certainly, this is an important aspect, because you need to plan your time, not to miss a single lesson. How long does training take?

What is the statutory training period??

Students are required to complete a theory course, including 104 o'clock. The theory includes 5 main blocks:

  • vehicle construction and maintenance – 8 hours;
  • Traffic Laws - 70 hours;
  • driving a vehicle - 12 hours;
  • driving ethics - 10 hours;
  • protocol - 4 o'clock.

Also, future drivers must undergo an internship without fail.. Practice requirements are set at the level 40 academic hours (1 academic hour = 45 minutes). Consequently, Each student must complete an internship lasting 40 classes in 45 minutes each. Also, in driving schools, combined classes are often held for two lessons at once.. In this case, the training course will be 20 lessons on 90 minutes.

These requirements are the same for all driving schools.. After graduation, the school must conduct an internal theoretical and practical examination. Information about each lesson is recorded in a special database. Thus, if the student passed 104 hours of theoretical training and 40 academic hours of practical classes, and also passed internal exams, he can be admitted to the state exam.

How long does it take to learn in real time?

If we ignore academic hours and switch to real time, driving school continues, average, 2,5-3 of the month. Usually, are held 2-3 theoretical lessons per week, as well as at least 2 practical driving lessons. If a driving school practices training in the form 40 classes in 45 minutes, then driving lessons are held for at least 3 once a week.

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