The mayor of the Ural city of Irbit Nikolai Yudin refutes reports in local news agencies that, Gamblers that he suffered three years ago in Sochi casino lost 11 million rubles. On it informs edition azartbook.

In Russia, the mayor accused of gambling addiction

According to news, refers to its unnamed source, Nikolai Yudin in Sochi after the victory of his team in the game Night Hockey League went to a gambling establishment and lost there 11mln rubles.

"Yes, I really five years ago, in 2014 year, Playing as a team "Neoplan", competed in the Night Hockey League. It was then that we were able to win a grant 100 million rubles. But then a gambling zone in Sochi, and there was no trace. Everything, We have written in the media, pack of lies. But submit them to court, I can not, they covered themselves correctly referring to his unnamed source. And for the money to grant the sports complex was built in Ekaterinburg ", - said Nikolai Yudin.

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