The door is the face of the home, on it is possible to judge the reliability of, home security, his comfort. But still, breakings and thefts happening to more and more every year. In general, all the doors are divided into thirteen classes for its strength, on the basis of their problems and the cost of. most fragile — This interior doors, and most durable designed for large storage banks and private safe deposit vaults.

According to the level of its bezhopasnosti, eg, apartment door belongs to the fourth class. It means, that it is not available for the majority of unwanted guests and provides adequate protection for the home. In Russia, the most common — steel doors. But the massive wooden doors, too, may well not yield steel for strength, but they are even more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. But security salt itself is still not at the door, and door locks. for example, locks, manufactured by German technology, exceed the safety requirements of GOST twice! Such doors can be opened two hundred and fifty thousand times, and serve these doors as much as seventy years.

Currently producing the so-called future locks, equipped with a special electronic key. they are opened by radio or infrared signal. there are castles, that recognize and memorize master prints fingers, they are very expensive, but very reliable and high-quality. At the current public market represented a huge amount of types and variations of doors, locks, which on average can be estimated in the category from the fourth to the tenth. Which door to choose — you decide, it all depends on the cost of the, that will be followed by.

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