More recently, conventional wisdom among the inhabitants, that mounted system "warm floor", Powered by water unsafe, they say it is fraught with "vsepodezdnym" flood. However, experts from companies, such, as the «Ikom Engineering», that specialize in the installation of water floor heating denied such rumors and proved, a professional approach eliminates all the possible troubles. Today, the owner of residential real estate, located in the high-rise building can look at http ssylochku:// and learn, how to organize a system of water floor heating in his apartment with the help of professionals.

The system "warm floor" — a great alternative to the "classic" heating

Professional installation of the system "warm floor", for the organization that uses the thermal conductivity of water, uniformly laid under the floor and are used as coolant hot water central heating is an excellent complement to the "classical" heatsink, or their complete replacement. It should again be noted, that such a system, laid and installed by professionals, It has a fairly long period of operation, as well as the total exclusion of any likelihood of leaks.

As the base material for the device and mounting the water floor heating using polyethylene pipes, they are connected to a central heating system of which the heating medium flows. As a floor with prefabricated covering floor heating system water is recommended to use linoleum, parquet, laminate, ceramic tile or granite. If you choose laminate flooring or flooring made of natural wood, it is recommended to use an additional special layer substrate, which will prevent the drying out of the material.

Electric "warm floor"

In fairness it should be noted, that the great popularity among the owners of city apartments has received the system "warm floor", It runs on electricity. but, In this case, the consumption of electricity increases significantly, and hence the amount of receipts for payment of utility bills.

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