Each of us, picking a lock for the front door really wants, to its mechanism was reliable, and resist cracking. However, if it is lost from the last key, then get into the apartment seems already very problematic event. To help accomplish the mission, which it seems impossible for the average person only professionals, you can use their services on the website of the Moscow www.azs-zamok.ru keyhole emergency service. specialists, working in this company will be able to cope with a lock of any complexity. After that, like an old castle will be opened and extracted from the door leaf, will have to choose and buy a new one.

Some choose to lock the front door

Experts shared locks for doors, depending on the mechanism into several categories:

  1. cylinder;
  2. ryhelnыe;
  3. code;
  4. lever;
  5. electronic.

According to the recommendations of professionals, one door should be installed, at least two locks, different types of desirable, This will complicate the task of opening and intruders.

The most reliable lock for the front door is quite difficult to choose, but preference may be given to the cylinder lock, which by means of a conventional master key to open the problematic enough, since it is likely mismatches, from which a jammed lock mechanism. true, in this case the house without employees castle emergency service in the house will not be able to get even the owners. but, If a couple of times to hit the cylinder of the lock, or drill it, the castle still surrender, but the attacker made a lot of noise, it will be possible to stop or catch, if you're handy with his vigilant neighbors.

Bolt locks for doors specialists choose not recommended, because their locking mechanism has a rather low degree of security, it can be very easy to open a very ordinary lock pick.

Combination locks usually installed either on safes, or on the front door to the common staircase and a multi-storey apartment building. but, he can go for the front door to your house, Besides, it can be opened even after, How to lose the "last" key.

Lever locks are the most versatile.

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