Security and fire alarms exist to quickly find the source of fire, sending a timely warning signal about danger. The main function of the system is to prevent emergencies and ensure security against illegal entry into the site.. The selection and installation of security and fire alarms is of great importance., after all, the life and health of people can depend on the correct installation.


OPS consists of two main functions:

  • fire department. Includes prompt detection of the source of fire and generation of certain signals for the fire warning system;
  • burglar. It is a warning system for the security service about unauthorized entry of violators into a prohibited area. At the same time, the burglar alarm clearly fixes the date and place.


The burglar-fire alarm system has individual administrative posts. Small OPS facilities are equipped with special devices, which have a reception and control function. The OPS includes special detectors, which are divided into several types.

  1. Dymovoy. This type of detector operates when smoke appears in the building..
  2. Thermal. Reacts when the temperature of the set maximum value rises.
  3. Flame detector. Capable of detecting visible flame or infrared radiation.
  4. Gas analyzer. Can detect combustion products (carbon monoxide).

Installing the most suitable detector will help to fix the source of ignition and prevent fire. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right type of notification..

Each room has its own individual specifics. Items and materials, who are in the building, have their own significance in the nature and intensity of fire. For instance, if there is fuel in the building, then the flame will be bright, accordingly, a flame detector is best suited here. If there are most objects in the room, which are characterized by smoldering and high smoke, eg, Appliances, cable product, then it will be more effective to install a smoke detector.

Installation pros

The fire and security alarm has a number of advantages:

  1. Protection of movable and immovable property from various emergencies.
  2. Room security control, the people in it, equipment, materials.
  3. Hazard detection speed. OPS is able to promptly send an alarm, for, to prevent negative consequences.

The security and fire alarm system must always be in full readiness to detect danger, which means that uninterrupted power supply should be provided on the territory of the facility. Mains supply is usually used, when, if it disappears, then a backup power supply must be provided (built-in rechargeable batteries).


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