signaling system, transmitting an alarm signal about trying to hack, attack, natural and technological disasters, a centralized console for wireline, through a mobile communication network (GSM security alarm system or a cellular), The Internet or a private network repeaters network, It called the control room protection. security systems equipment, installed on the protected object, It can be either wired, requiring the laying of the connection cables, and wireless, working on a radio channel.

Panel protection is currently the most effective, after the clock armed guards, Object protection method. alarm transmission in case of emergency on remote operator – priority in the facility protection system, after which the operator of the remote nature of the alarm decides naprvlenie object security company employees, the police or the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Unlike passive protection systems (Security door, safe locks, gratings and so on.), panel protection system has an active opposition to criminals, sending to the control not only the alarm, but also the image of what is happening with hidden camera. That's why law enforcement agencies have a lot more opportunities for quick prevention of crime and more evidence and information for the effective search of criminals. Besides, panel protection system in conjunction with the fire alarm system can notify about svoevremmeno:

  • fire,
  • zatoplenii,
  • domestic gas leak…

A panic button – quickly notify security attack or other event, requiring immediate intervention.

The reliability of the alarm system is caused by the following factors:

  • Power outages at the site do not affect the operation of the system because of the autonomous power source, Besides, Signal about disabling transmitted to the central control and on-site checks.
  • Duplication of information transmission channels of the devices in the facility to a central.
  • All violations of the security system identifies a program of self-diagnostics and transmitted to a central control.
  • The center console also has a backup power system and autonomous power supply.
  • Modern alarm sensor can reliably monitor not only the enclosed spaces, but also their external borders, move on to distinguish the object from the people moving pets, eliminating false positives.
  • To maintain the quality and reliability of the security alarm system is intended to regular maintenance of security and fire alarm.

additional Features

For, to provide the maximum possible protection to the object, system of fire alarm may be provided with additional functions, such as a signal "to shoot a subject under duress" allows in case of robbery unnoticed by criminals to convey information to the console, night armed mode, in which the movement of people inside the room not tracked by the system, but any violation of the perimeter, including the opening of doors or windows, lead to anxiety.

It also functions include arming not just at home, but only individual rooms, eg, ground floor of the building or the attached garage, reminder function object forgetful owners of the need to put an object under protection, function generating reports about all the events at the facility, including the removal and setting the object under protection, power outages and telephone breaks – but the actual object of protection, This feature allows you to monitor compliance with labor discipline collective enterprise. One of the popular features – CCTV, pozvolyaeyuschee combine the advantages of safety and day and night video monitoring and enabling rapid identification of the offender and the offense of restraint. Also effective GSM Alarm System.

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