Cladding illumination of architectural objects - is allied industries, raises complex developments in the field of architecture, interior design and production of electrical machinery. specialists, on whose shoulders rests architectural lighting, usually involved in the design and bring to life the various pans, associated with the installation of multi-component systems, include all possible embodiments lighting. Experts in order to meet the needs of the customer along with the selection of electrical appliances are paying close attention to mechanisms for regulation of natural light and backlight.

Architectural design always involves the development, Related coverage, because without the optimal amount of light is impossible to do in the course of performance of workers and household tasks. Various methods of electrical lighting can also be used for decorative purposes. Playing with light and shadow, as well as the active use of colored lighting is widely used for decoration of facades and interiors of various buildings. As a result, lights are considered to be components of the local power multitasking. The objective of lighting design is the ability to see without discomfort in the room or outside the building. Visual effects are an added advantage, intended for design and improve the perception of architectural structures, including statues, stairs, arches and fountains.

Architectural lighting design focuses on three fundamental aspects, related to the objectives and conditions of use of buildings.

  • At first, the emphasis is on the aesthetic appeal of the object. This component is particularly important for buildings, which used to house retailers, offices and exhibition centers.
  • Secondly, Qualified specialists take into account the ergonomic aspect. Proper lighting can significantly increase the level of comfort in the room or outside. In addition, special attention is paid to the distribution of light to visually expand the space.
  • Thirdly, taken into account the problem of energy efficiency for optimal illumination with minimal financial cost. This is usually implemented different automation systems.


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