Table lamp will always be an indispensable accessory for those who like reading books or sedentary work at the table, not to mention the high-school students, who have hours to spend time with textbooks. Before buying should familiarize themselves with important aspects, responsible for security and affect a person's vision.

table lamp for a student to choose

Choosing the right cover to the fixture

Selection of table lamps ( for the student on the characteristics of the shape and colors must be to ensure, that:

  • not created blinding light, because of which the child can experience through time and discomfort neuyutnost;
  • no bright design elements, able to distract the student from the full-fledged work with the task of building;
  • luminous flux, that it radiates, as evenly distributed over the surface of the intended working area.

In accordance with all of these conditions should pay attention to the cone-shaped and trapezoidal ceiling, performed in dim not bright color shades, that completely hide the light bulb.

According to specialists ophthalmologists - the most favorable color tone for visual perception are considered to be green. That it promotes relaxation of the ciliary muscles of the eye, and this in turn has a positive effect on overall child well-being.

It should select a lamp with a base and a leg, made of material matte texture.

When a student or an adult has to spend a long time behind a desk, it is too bright color of the table light fixture is an additional source of irritation. Because of this, eye strain occurs even stronger.

Subsequently, only six months of the Neighborhood, have any of you may drop significantly vision. Yet again, brilliant base lamp gives a negative impact immediately - it is to work under such lighting 2 min. and then look into the distance, to make himself.
Take care, in order from the ceiling lamp not protrude light. It must be as if hidden in the ceiling of, not nominated for its edge. Otherwise, the lamp will be indispensable “strongly hit in the eye”. Ophthalmology experts warn, that in such cases, the voltage and crouches on the lens of the eye, and on his retina.

Also the eyes may exhibit sensitivity to temperature of the light source It is known for the separation of warm light, neutral and cool. For home is best to use lamps with warm light 2700Kl - 3500Kl or neutral 3500Kl – 4500kl, and for office space can also be used cold - 4500Kl. If you know these features, as well as take care of them in advance, then no vision problems can not call the board lighting.