It happens, that without a ladder in the garden of all,, for example in the care of high trees, though not exclusively. For pruning high branches located, Hedge trimming, spraying trees, protecting trees and harvesting fruits – requires the use of a ladder.

Ladder less functionality than with a free-standing ladder.

Ladder less functionality than with a free-standing ladder.

Why do we need a ladder

A garden ladder is also useful for hanging bird feeders or decorating a garden tree for the holiday.. It can also be used for periodic cleaning of a gutter or high fence.

Using a ladder in the garden can be problematic.. Mainly because, that in the garden you often come across a swampy, soft and uneven surface - most often it is the ground or lawn. Even worse, when she's wet (you inevitably carry dirt or dirt with your boots on the steps of the stairs).

Another difficulty, associated with the use of a ladder in an open space is the inability to support it against the wall. Because of this, a ladder is not a good solution.. If the ladder is made of wood, you must make sure it is strong enough, and that the trunk of the tree is wide enough, to steadily resist it. The disadvantage of a ladder is also that, what, leaning on the trunk it is not possible to reach some branches and fruits, which are significantly distant from him.

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What to follow when buying garden stairs

Best for garden use buy a ladder stand-alone, since she does not need support. Models available with one-sided and two-sided shoots.

The garden ladder must stand firmly even on soft ground. A good solution would be a sliding ladder on special stabilizers., which increase the ladder support area and level surface irregularities. Ladder with stabilizers does not sink into the ground, and it doesn't tip over so easily.

Ladder with stabilizers stands, probably, even on marshy and rough terrain.

Ladder with stabilizers can stand, even on marshy and rough terrain.

If you are working on very soft soil without stabilizers, very useful special rims (purchased as an accessory). Rims prevent ladder legs from sinking too deep into soft ground and rotating. Thereby, the ladder is more stable.

Articulated ladder

Articulated ladder

Often garden work is associated with constant and small movements along the hedge- which is cropped, or around a tree- when you harvest. Bridges work well for this kind of work.. The disadvantage is that they usually have a low working height., which means you cannot climb too high. If you need to reach higher, than the bridge allows you, should consider buying a hinged ladder. It can be like a regular ladder, and with the possibility of installing it in the form of a bridge, or distribution as a freestanding ladder- to work at high heights.

What material should a garden ladder be made of?? Certainly aluminum is better than wood. Such a staircase is primarily- easier. Weight – this is a very important point. Working in the garden involves frequent movement, and in the case of a heavy staircase, you will quickly feel tired. Aluminum is also weather resistant and does not require impregnation.

Safety engineering

Before installing the ladder on the grass, it is worth rearranging it several times, To make sure, that it stands exactly - often comes across some kind of small hole under one of the “legs” and the stairs are wobbling. Always try to shake the stairs slightly before entering - if it rocks, it needs to be rearranged a few centimeters, examine the terrain and, after installation, check its verticality for deviations.

Simply put: the ladder should stand upright and not sway - this requires concentration and dedication from you, ie. spend a little more time, for your own safety.

When choosing the length of the stairs for your garden, pay attention, how high should you climb. Do not forget that, what trees, shrubs and vines grow.


The following video for this article is a review and review of the purchased hinged ladder(transformer). Enjoy watching.

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