During arc or gas welding the most important thing – is to secure maximum safety, as well as comfort and reliability. To do this will need to buy all the necessary tools and accessories.

Protective clothing

Indispensable during any kind of welding is protective clothing, which guarantees us total safety during operation. Here it is worth paying attention to, first of all, on the face and hands, which must be protected very effectively. Hand Security provides specialized work gloves, защищающие в основном от ожогов. Рукавицы бывают брезентовые или спилковые.

For the patronage of individuals use a protective mask, which covers the entire face - there is only a glass, through which we see the weld material. Маска сварщика представляет собой корпус со смотровым окном и наголовником, providing 2 body position:

  • working (lowered)
  • Out (reclined).

To protect the eyes from radiation, helmets and visors are provided with filters. From metal filter splashing protect special organic coating glass.

During the welding it is important to choose the right and the rest of the wardrobe: резиновая рабочая обувь и костюм сварщика https://www.belsvamo.by/catalog/odezhda_svarschika/.

note! Trousers and a jacket sewn from cloth, asbestos fabrics or tarps. Pants should cover the shoes, to protect your feet from burning metal splashes.

welder clothing

Tools and Accessories

For arc welding

Can not do, of course, without a working welding machine - a key tool in arc welding. One of its key elements is a special grounding wire with pliers, that participates in the implementation of each task.

Nor should we forget, that the welding machine has a kiosk-type electrode holder - that is what we grab a hand, чтобы проводить сварочные работы. Электрододержатели по методу закрепления бывают:

  • passatizhnye;
  • spring;
  • screw;
  • eccentric;
  • forklifts etc..

The most common practice forklifts and passatizhnye, but the first is not available. Mounted in the holder while the electrode should be changed from time to time, therefore, we should always have on hand for at least a few spare electrodes.

In arc welding can provide invaluable assistance and additional elements, that we often forget. These should include a wire brush, на другой стороне которой есть молоток. Useful in many situations will, certainly, and clamping bolts.

For gas welding

For gas welding need of gas cylinders with a reducer and a pressure gauge, which will simplify the implementation of many works, pointing to its current gas pressure indicators. an indispensable tool, which replaces, in this case the electrode holder, a burner, connected to the tank with a hose. The whole mechanism starts with a lighter. It also can not forget about the additional tools, such as sandpaper or vise - indispensable for welding pipes.