Popular roofing material is a ceramic tile. On the roofs of many houses you can see the roofs made of this material. It is made by calcining ball clay. Tile is considered to be the oldest roofing materials.

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For thousands of years, this material was used for roofing. The tiles combine such important qualities, as:

  • long lifetime;
  • a high degree of reliability;
  • Resistance to external character.

It should be noted and high aesthetic properties of the material. It is thanks to them that he became popular among construction companies and private developers, who use it for the device roofs of public buildings and residential purpose.

A large number of models of ceramic tiles in many colors and different forms currently proposed by BRASS, detailed information – prices, kinds, characteristics.

Speaking of the roofing material, it should be noted, that shingles is a piece goods, It can therefore be used for covering roofs complex. However, it is worth considering, that the optimum styling of this material is the slope of the roof from 22 to 60 degrees. If the slope is less than, then it will require additional work to enhance ventilation and waterproofing. If the roof slope exceeds the mark of 60 degrees, in this case the need to process a tile laying use special fasteners - clamps or screws.

Types of ceramic tiles

On the market at the moment are several varieties of ceramic tile. They differ among themselves petal shape. It is this figure will be decisive in the choice of technology and the way of laying.

The most common are the following types of tiles.

  • Flat Roof Tiles - laying is done in several layers. It can also be mounted in the form of flakes. However, there are exceptions. They favor tiles like "beaver tail", laying mounted in a single layer, for bonding use a special solution.Flat Roof Tiles
  • Grooving tape tile - its main difference is, it has longitudinal grooves. High tightness between adjacent tiles is ensured thanks to them. Laying the variety produced in a single layer. Leaving by verticals – 80 mm. Size inlet is horizontal groove width.pazoao-band ceramic tile
  • Grooving stamped tile - This species is also mounted in a single layer. Her feature is, that the vertical and horizontal close each plate has. It is thanks to them and ensures tightness of the roof membrane, since in this case the connection is made petals around the perimeter. In seamed compound used as a coupling element.
  • wavy tiles - this species is often used when performing Roofing. She is also a slot and may consist of one or two waves. This allows for better placement of its.wavy tiles

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