Usually, modern private houses are being built on several floors and, respectively, to ensure free movement around such a house, you need to take care of the arrangement of stairs between floors. There are several types of ladder structures, each of which has its own performance characteristics. Marching stairs are considered one of the most popular and well-proven designs., which can be ordered in the company "SpetsMetallMaster".

Such stairs are famous for their convenience and simplicity of construction.. They consist of several spans., straight or turning march, comfortable descent and ascent, the design of which takes into account the mechanics of human movements, as well as mounts, on which the sustainer lift is mounted. Since such a staircase has a prefabricated structure, this eliminates the possibility of creaks and sagging of the steps.

Either one material is used to model flight stairs., namely a tree, metal, concrete, glass, granite, marble, or several materials are combined. Depending on the selected material, staircase designs will differ slightly. for example, if the staircase is made of slippery marble or granite, then the steps should be low, and the staircase itself is wide, to improve safety. Anti-slip profiles must also be included in the design..

Requirements for marching stairs

At first, it is necessary to take into account the indicators of the depth and height of the steps. So, the depth of the steps should be no more 30 cm, and the length of the staircase itself must be at least 90 and no more 120 cm. Better, if the height of the steps is 15 cm, then descent and ascent will be as comfortable as possible. Secondly, each march should have a minimum 3 and maximum 15 steps. If, according to the design of the steps, there are more, so, special platforms of the same width are installed, as the width of the march.

Depending on the design features, experts distinguish several types of marching staircases:

  1. There are models of stairs, closed and open.. The first have steps, supplemented by more risers, and open such additions do not have.
  2. Based on the fact, how the steps are attached, designs are with kosoura or with bowstrings. In the first version, the steps are mounted on top of a stringer beam, and risers are mounted from the end part. In the second version, the bowstrings form the base and run along the entire length of the march., and the steps are mounted inside the load-bearing beams in the grooves.
  3. Such ladder structures can be single-march or multi-march., it all depends on the layout of the house and the number of floors.
  4. Marching stairs can be straight or swing. The latter are subdivided into curvilinear, semi-reversible, circular, quarter negotiable.
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