Stairs are special devices, without which it is impossible to do in any two- or more storey building. Smaller devices are widely used in supermarkets, shops, warehouses. None of the repair or construction of high-rise buildings can not do without stairs.

The types of such structures

Staircase - construction, which includes a large number of stages, horizontal. There are several types.

  • Ladder - ferrule, that unfolds. In most cases, made of metal or aluminum, It consists of two sections with, and may have steps like the one, and on both sides. It is used in the household, supermarkets, warehouses, during repair facilities.
  • Side - a ladder leaning against the wall. Primarily, they are made of wood, sometimes used metal. Ladders rarely have a height of more than three meters, because the higher structure, the less its resilience. Respectively, increased risk of falls and injuries.
  • ladder transformer - a universal product. It combines the ladder and the ladder. In such a construction can contain up to four sections, each has a plurality of stages. Части надежно соединяются с помощью фиксаторов. При необходимости может трансформироваться в помост.
  • Вышки – соединение двух односекционных лестниц. Это достаточно прочные конструкции, которые надежно зафиксированы металлическими стяжками. На верхней части располагается помост.
  • Помост – специализированный настил, который устанавливается на прочных опорах.

Besides, stairs are classified according to the number of sections: mono-, bi-, three- and the four-part structure. products, which have more than two sections, It called universal. Они очень удобные в эксплуатации. If necessary,, можно использовать как приставную лестницу или стремянку.

design Features

stairs, которые используются в быту, могут выдерживать нагрузку до 150 kg. Если изделие способно выдерживать гораздо больше, то оно считается профессиональным и используется во многих сферах. Обычная стремянка редко имеет высоту больше двух метров, and addl - three. Professional ladder can also have a working height of twenty meters.

Safe operations on the ladder depends largely on the strength of the support structure. Any product equipped with special straps to Acquire or insurance.

Stairs can be equipped with a different number of steps: from three to twenty. They need to pay special attention. It is desirable to select a knurled surface or with special mats, that will prevent sliding.


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