For, to choose and buy facades for kitchen furniture correctly, it is necessary to decide not only on the appearance, but also with material, from which they will be made. The variety of options is amazing, but the most popular are still natural wood and veneer. Consider the main features and benefits of these two options.What facades are made of for kitchen sets

Natural wood

Wood is a rather capricious material, but at the same time very stylish, luxurious, respectable and in demand among people. For many centuries, natural wood furniture has been considered the property of wealthy and prosperous homes..

Solid wood fronts for the kitchen are made of solid wood, at the same time, it undergoes special processing and drying, since the kitchen is an area of ​​increased danger for furniture. It's always wet in here, a lot of couple, high temperatures, food, which can paint the surface, chemicals, etc.

This does not mean, that wooden facades are a bad idea. Not at all! They just need especially careful and reverent care.. But such a kitchen will look very stylish., cozy and will always be fashionable.

The wood can be smooth or rough., carved, inlaid, artificially aged, etc.. There are really a lot of design options. And even in the most fashionable and youthful interiors, formalized, eg, in the "loft" style, wooden facades will perfectly fit, if they are made in the appropriate style.

note! Perhaps, the only serious disadvantage of such furniture is the rather high price.


A good alternative for those, who prefers to save money and at the same time wants a natural and natural style, are the facades, veneered

Veneer fronts for kitchens perfectly withstand exposure to water, steam and high temperatures, which is especially important for the kitchen. They are durable, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. Veneer is a specially processed thin section of natural wood. That is, in fact, it is all natural wood too., only in a much more modest form.

Compared to solid wood furniture, veneer costs significantly less. Although you can't call it cheap, but due to the durability of use, it becomes an economical material.

Besides, veneer facades offer a wide variety of designs, they are suitable for furniture in different styles, they can be decorated with fittings and accessories. And the number of varieties of colors and shades is simply amazing..

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