Once called kitchen hut hut or stryapuschey, where the prepared food, and already cooked dishes and drinks include the dining room. Often it has a separate, in another building. In modern homes and apartments in the same room combined working and dining areas. The kitchen has become a kind of center of the apartment, where at the table are going to family members, to eat, communicate, share news, think about the near future plans. It is important here to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. That is the situation of the kitchen can help reproduce natural wood.Cuisine from an array

setting kitchens

The hosts are trying to equip the kitchen with the latest technology, using the latest appliances, allowing to reduce the cooking time, to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

When choosing interior design, owners unite, it would seem that, inconsistent, complementing, eg, kitchen solid oak built-in household cooking equipment. Along with the traditional technique used successfully news. The modern kitchen can be found:

  1. Gas or electric stove with oven;
  2. Refrigerator and freezer;
  3. Cleaning and built-in filters for water purification;
  4. microwave oven;
  5. coffee machine, pressure cooker, yogurt;
  6. Food processor, including a meat grinder, juicer, etc..

The main issues in the arrangement of the kitchen - what materials to buy for finishing, of which must be furnished?

In the market you'll find most of the following furniture materials:

  • natural wood,
  • veneer (natural, color, reconstructed),
  • moisture resistant chipboard,
  • laminirovannoy MDF,
  • plasty.

Kitchen made of solid wood will never go out of style. But it's not just a question of prestige, tree - an environmentally friendly product. It was used for the construction and furniture making for a long time. A current materials have appeared recently, and their effect on the body not been studied.

Oak wood characterized by high strength, density and hardness, therefore it is an excellent material for making furniture. Apart from oak ash used for this purpose, hornbeam, walnut and other valuable species. Of course, for the kitchen made of oak will need to pay a tidy sum, so buy it can afford not all.

A bit cheaper you can buy veneer kitchen. Natural veneer is a thin sheet of wood, retains its texture and color. High-quality furniture made of wood veneers visually is not inferior to the headset from solid oak or walnut. Today, there are also things made of colored veneer and the veneer of the reconstructed.

Quality kitchens made of wood to buy you a production company MfVeres. Integrated built-in furniture made of oak veneer or make your kitchen unique, give personality and special character. In this room would be nice to be an arbitrarily long time.

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