Furniture industry in Moscow - this is the industry, which is subject to frequent and rapid changes. After all, sometimes the chairs models, table, chairs are changing so quickly, like fashion - and some simply do not have time to keep up with an abrupt change of priorities.

Despite, that the materials for the manufacture of furniture are basic and additional, them there is not much - we need only mention, that today's companies have long departed from the principles, who were treated Soviet designers - respectively, furniture ceased to be overall, but gained compactness, ergonomics and versatility.

MDF and wood furniture

Often basic materials, of which is made furniture, are:

  1. Wood - its main advantages of attractive appearance and naturalness. Nevertheless, wood is not very cheap, It has decent weight, but, accordingly can not always meet the needs of consumers.
  2. An alternative to wood fiberboard and particleboard are - despite their foreign "fragility", they are very useful and efficacious, in fact allow you to create easy, compact furniture, which at any time can be transported either to rearrange, without resorting to the services of hired movers or people, with significant physical strength. Nevertheless, better not to use them for food - in fact with the introduction of large amounts of water or abundant moisture, These materials begin to swell, which is extremely undesirable.
  3. MDF - the material is created from wood waste. It is resistant to moisture, It has a relatively low cost and has many advantages. Often, it is used in the majority of modern furniture.
  4. Acrylic - a colorless plastic. it is durable, environmentally friendly, It has a smooth glossy surface. These indicators provide him fairly strong popularity in the furniture market. In view of its resistance to moisture, Acrylic is often used in modern kitchens.
  5. Expensive wood - are used very rarely, often very wealthy people. They are expensive, therefore afford them can not everyone.
  6. Quite often used in furniture - it saves space, made of light, but strong, advanced materials.
  7. Rattan - perfect for any beach villa wicker furniture, because it creates the impression of an exotic, It has an attractive appearance.
  8. Plastic - brittle, short-lived material, but quite often because it made those tables and chairs, which are installed in the open beach, coastal cafe. Plastic has a very low wear resistance, but cheap price and low weight, that allows you to still use it for specific purposes.


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