Lately all over the world, and in our country in particular, there is a gradual shift away from traditional types of heating towards other heat sources. What is it for?? First of all because, that you can significantly save money and decorate your home with an additional beautiful interior element.

biofuel for fireplacesMore and more often, various biofuel for fireplaces, which is at an affordable price and does not contain harmful substances. Bio fireplaces are spreading more and more. Their advantages are, that such heat sources can be used even in an ordinary apartment. They don't need anything extra, as, eg, a chimney is required for a classic stove. There are such main types of biofireplaces, depending on their location:

  • for floor;
  • for table;
  • wall;
  • suspended.

Their differences are clear from the name itself.. Everyone can choose this type of fireplace, which is the most convenient and harmoniously suitable for his home. This makes this device not only an affordable heater, but also a noticeable part of the room design.

The biofireplace device is quite simple. Its main part – this is a fuel tank, where the flammable substance is poured. Flame level and combustion intensity are regulated by a damper, which can be opened wider and narrower.

The advantages of this type of heating:

  • extreme simplicity and availability;
  • undemanding to care;
  • easy to move the fireplace to any other place;
  • good level of room heating, surpassing virtually any electric heater;
  • a great variety of available models with different designs.

pellets, what is itTo heat the room with a bio fireplace, you must use a special biofuel. Often used for this purpose pellets, what is it, now let's take a closer look. Biofuel is called pellets, which is obtained from peat, wood products and agricultural waste.

granulatorThey are cheap, good heat dissipation and environmental friendliness, It is very important, because this fuel will burn right in the living room. They are made using the granulation process, which is performed by a special device – granulator, making fuel procurement necessary, convenient for further packing size.

Choosing a biofireplace for your home, need to remember, that it is not only a heating device, but also part of the room decoration. The variety of devices offered on the market allows you to choose the most optimal option for virtually any living conditions.

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