Today let's talk about the new direction of stretch ceilings – Double vision on the technology, that English translation “double vision”. It lies in changing the appearance of the ceiling appearance when turned on or off, that allows you to design it completely new and original way, not like other.

photo print on the ceiling

There are two types of hidden printing.

Double-sided wide format printing.

It is, that the texture image is applied by means of wide-format printer. When the light is switched off, it will look like a normal art ceiling. When you turn on the special hidden LED backlight, to the main picture added additional figures. for example, on the ceiling depicting the daytime sky there are elements of the night sky with stars.

Hidden broadsheet artpechat.

Initially, the ceiling on the canvas no images. Only when the backlight image appears on its front side.

Stretch ceiling “dual view” you can successfully combine with other design options. for example, with decorative linear light or with two-level designs. They make it possible to change the situation in your cozy nest.

The homey atmosphere with double ceilings photo printing look good in the bedrooms, living rooms and children's rooms. they also easily decorate the office space, shop or beauty salon.

Thanks to this technology, you can even make the most ordinary interior hints of creativity and eccentricity. Still it is possible to use this technology on the walls, in niches or in the construction of partition walls.

When installing these materials require special attention, whatever texture with a pattern not in contact with each other. Installation must be done at least four hands to avoid the formation of defects in the heating paint image.

The ideal transport packaging – tuba, in which the suspended ceiling will only be twisted strongly to the substrate, but not folded envelope.

Application of any drawing or photo is possible with a width to 550 cm. seamless. Stretch ceilings with photo printing made on the matte texture, glossy (lakovoy ), translucent (translyutsent ) or cloth PONGS.

Select a picture will help you photostocks, where high-quality images you need to buy, then our specialists will check for defects, preliminary checking the quality of a wide format set sizes.

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