Stretch ceilings are set, but the walls should be repaired – change the wallpaper. responds installer Installation of suspended ceilings This manufacture UA.

  1. Remove the decorative insert on the perimeter, We are putting an option to Stretch ceilings wide spatula and a knife hold up the wall (by oboyam). So, that would cut the ceiling texture, protecting spatula.
  2. remove wallpaper, we clean the wall, We are preparing them for a new and more beautiful “apparel”
  3. Pasting summing them as the ceiling, or drawing with a margin, it does not matter. Excess just cut off without any problems, camouflage as a spatula or than any other wide and rigid. Still it is possible to have an extra portion in the profile space of the installation of baguette.
  4. Return the decorative ribbon, insert or decorative ceiling molding in place.
    Even if in the course of such an operation you accidentally cut or punctured your ideal ceiling, then it's not scary. Stretch ceilings tend to stretch and in most cases can be repaired – I blocked on the object. For this course you need to call experts. Professionals will check the general condition, make necessary repairs, recommendatory hold a conversation.

If necessary, the suspended ceiling is always possible to completely dismantle and do not re-installation of a limited number of times. this happens if there was a worldwide flood and an opportunity to drain the water without dismantling. As well as changing the gas or water riser requires podsnyatie ceiling systems with re partial installation.
In particular, ceilings on the basis of tissue, in most cases, are mounted on profiles Clip system. In this case, the harvested leaf, which is slightly larger size of the ceiling. Then it was loaded into the profile, and the excess trimmed. Less is, that after removal of, to re-tension fabric is left margin. For this reason, Again it will not pull.

Consider shtapikovy method of attachment. It is suitable for both fabric, and for vinyl fabrics. In this situation, as the segment is cut a little longer, and then cut off the excess. Поэтому после демонтажа прежнее полотно установить не удастся, а придётся заказывать новое.

А вот если потолок изготовлен из плёнки ПВХ и установлен гарпунным способом, то его возможно использовать неограниченное число раз. Такая технология подразумевает точный раскрой под потолок, учитывая усадку материала. По всему периметру покрытия привариваются специальные крючки, которые заводятся в профиль и обеспечивают надёжное крепление.
Фабрика натяжных потолков АСТА М Киев.

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