's not a secret for anyone, that polycarbonate is used for the manufacture of greenhouses and greenhouses. High light transmission and thermal insulation are just some of the features, thanks to which, it is used for this purpose. But what is the opinion of gardeners about polycarbonate structures? What are the disadvantages and advantages of this material? This will be discussed in this article..

What is polycarbonate?

The main characteristics of polycarbonate include rigidity or dimensional stability.. In practice, this means, that temperature fluctuations are not dangerous for polycarbonate. Besides, it transmits light well and retains heat, therefore it is used for the manufacture of greenhouses and greenhouses, which can be bought on the website A greenhouse made of polycarbonate is actually a solid and reliable structure., using it you are guaranteed to get the desired flower growth, fruits or vegetables.

note! When caring for polycarbonate, you can not use drugs that contain alcohol, since it destroys the top polycarbonate ball.

large greenhouse made of polycarbonate

Greenhouse and greenhouse construction

Greenhouses and greenhouses made of polycarbonate plates can be made independently or purchased as ready-made structures, for which it is enough just to prepare the soil in the garden.


The main step in the field of self-assembly of a garden greenhouse or greenhouse is the manufacture of a frame - the structure can be wooden, steel or aluminum. It is covered with polycarbonate sheets.. Often there are projects, which have polycarbonate boards only on the roof, but in most cases they also cover the walls.

When self-designing, you should take into account the dimensions of the polycarbonate plates in advance, in this case, it will be possible to use the material optimally, minimizing the amount of waste. Given their high cost, this will maximize the efficiency of the money spent. Of course, if necessary, you can customize the size to your own needs. But it's worth remembering, that cutting should be done carefully, so that the edges are as even as possible.small polycarbonate greenhouse

Besides, should be emphasized, that slab bending is allowed. However, there is one "but", the maximum permissible bending directly depends on the thickness of the polycarbonate. Professional installation of panels also includes the use of aluminum profiles, equipped with gaskets. They are especially helpful, when it comes to skating. And for fastening the sheets, bolts with gaskets are used.

Assembling the finished structure

When assembling a finished structure, a greenhouse or greenhouse can be installed both on a stone foundation, and on bare ground(that is the same, as during self-preparation). Installation of such polycarbonate structures is less difficult, as installation time is reduced. Screwdriver, and the key is one of the typical tools, which are useful when assembling the frame or fixing the plates. Manufacturers provide a detailed installation guide in the instructions, which help more, and less experienced gardeners.small pannik made of polycarbonate

Advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate greenhouses and greenhouses



  • lighter construction, an alternative to glass greenhouses
  • no harmful effects of sunlight in the greenhouse
  • lasting, thermal insulation and light transmission solution
  • the possibility of bending the structure
  • the possibility of self-production or purchase of a finished structure - reducing the period of installation work
  • ease of processing polycarbonate sheets
  • lightweight construction, for which strong gusts of wind can bring adverse consequences
  • much more frequent need for cleaning (compared to glass greenhouses) due to the attraction of dust to polycarbonate
  • the possibility of scratches and cracks on polycarbonate sheets (the material is relatively soft)


Commonly used polycarbonate greenhouses and greenhouses, usually, meet the expectations of gardeners. Which actually explains their increased interest in them. However, many of them understand, that it is quite light material, which is vulnerable to heavy wind. Therefore, despite the cost, rely on higher quality polycarbonate sheets. From the reviews posted by gardeners on thematic forums follows – polycarbonate greenhouses to be in garden plots. They are comfortable, and practical. What else is needed for happiness?

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