A new washing machine is usually a reason to be happy. Moreover, we usually replace the equipment with more modern and spacious, which always improves everyday comfort and makes life easier.installation of a washing machine

Where to put the washing machine

First of all, making a choice in the store, choose a suitable place to install the washing machine in the apartment. This is not a mobile home appliance, the machine, in addition to an electrical outlet, must be connected to water and sewerage, which means to have a stationary location in the apartment. Usually, most people install a washing machine here produced either in the bathroom, either in the kitchen. Sewerage system, water supply systems and the proximity of electrical outlets - exactly what, what makes these rooms suitable for a washing machine.

Preparing for installation

Remove shipping fasteners after unpacking, protecting rotating parts from accidental damage during transport. This is usually two or three screws, which must be completely unscrewed and removed. In some cases, the manufacturer suggests replacing the removed screws with plastic plugs to protect against dust and dirt. You also need to attend to the preparation of the installation site.: the floor should be flat, have a solid foundation and be firm. It is not allowed to put soft substrates under the feet of the washing machine., rugs.


When deciding on the choice of method of connecting to the water supply, should know, that there are several options. It is important to observe the rule of tightness of the connection and remember, about water pressure in pipes, which should be optimal for the machine to work.

A water supply point must be provided for the water connection: it can be a standard tap, or other technical solutions taking into account the existing water supply system (eg, tee couplings, tees). The easiest option is to connect the washing machine with a flexible hose., included in the delivery set of the washing machine to the mixer or to the water supply in the toilet cistern through the tee tap. Connecting to the tank drain hose is a fairly practical method, which is widely used, and the tap on the tee allows you to turn off the water to the washing machine, when it is not necessary to use it.

The waste water outlet from the washing machine must be connected to the sewerage system, it is important to ensure the proper connection height, which is required for the high-quality functioning of the washing machine itself. The most optimal solution is to purchase a siphon for the washbasin sink with an outlet for connecting a washing machine and connecting it to the sewage system. In modern apartments, when wiring the sewerage system, a drain from the sewer pipe is provided in advance to connect the drain.

The power supply is connected to an electrical outlet, which must have a ground electrode, and is installed taking into account safety requirements.


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