What to prefer for a country house - a well-proven, but somewhat archaic technology, its modern equivalent, or the latest achievements of engineering thought. Immediately reply is not easy, the more that will have to pay out of pocket.

What to choose?

Embodiments of the country house a lot today. Each decides in favor of a construction technology and material, based on your personal needs and, which is especially important, from its own financial capacity.

One want to quickly put the little house "at your age", others wish to build a nest present in several floors. Whatever it was, and in the first, and in the second case, the best solution would be the use of modern methods for rapid, but reliable and durable housing. Наиболее популярным сегодня является construction of a house from a bar, as well as sip-panels.

Дома из sip-панелей

Houses using Canadian technology (sip-panels) initially perceived Russian inhabitants wary. The fact, it is not monumental structures. Typically, such housing is quite compact, performed in one floor. Building special form panel, having a minimum thermal conductivity. Therefore, this embodiment does not require an additional housing insulation, and this complementary element savings.

Today is not only the widespread construction of sip-panels, zoned as. It plays the role of the principle sosedstvovaniya: one built, neighbors watched, We evaluated and selected technology as the most suitable option for themselves. This explains the emergence of entire housing estates, built on the Canadian technology. If you want to build a turnkey holiday home cheaply and do not want, that he will stand for centuries - it's definitely your option. The term of service of houses SIP panels taken to indicate equal 70-80 years.

Timber houses

You can not compare panel construction with square log houses. It is much more durable buildings, but only with proper and timely care. Conceiving the construction of timber houses, you need to understand, that such a structure will serve many generations of descendants. And that house was a hundred years old and became miserable with time, Make no mistake, the material. Строительная компания в Твери «Твой дом» использует только хорошо себя зарекомендовавшие строительные материалы.

Glued laminated timber - is not a by-product or waste, and progressive development. It is more expensive sliced, but it is completely dry. It means, that the house is not skewed, because shrinkage it does not exceed 3%. A glue impregnation allows this home stand for decades without any damage from the weather. but, should pay attention not only on the laminated board as a favorite option for its construction, but also on its certificates of manufacturers. You do not have to be sorry, Only if the "mat" made by professionals.

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