The construction of the house - a troublesome task, even if the financial support of the construction of an excessive. However, the latest global technologies allow incredibly shorten construction time. Have to use modern materials and techniques. Namely LSTC. The abbreviation stands for, as "light steel thin-walled structure".

The material for the manufacture of LSTK is a profile, made of galvanized steel. It is he who serves as the main structure of the building.. Several types of profiles are used in construction., the main ones should be attributed:

Frame house from LSTC

The remarkable advantage of houses, made on the basis of this profile - low weight. No brick or log structure is worth compared to a profile house. Легкость здания дает простую технологию строительства. Не понадобятся дорогие подъемники и заглубленный фундамент. Такое здание устоит даже на непрочных грунтах.

People are used to the stereotype, that a reliable home is a solid and heavy structure. What can be said about LSTK in this regard?? This elastic frame has additional reinforcement at the attachment points. It is able to withstand an earthquake up to 9 points. Winds and hurricanes are also not capable of causing significant damage to the structure..

The reliability of a house from a profile is also, that the original dimensions and shapes of the structure last for life. It is much easier to comply with the parameters in the factory profile, than trying to stack logs or bricks perfectly.

The profile has no wood imperfections - rotting or susceptibility to the influence of microorganisms. Research shows, that such a house is designed to last a hundred years.

The walls of the profile house have a layered structure. Insulation is laid between the profiles, and the interior decoration is carried out with a double layer of gnipsokarton, which is absolutely safe material.

If the frame house is designed flawlessly, then moisture will never appear in the corners, walls will isolate outside sounds and keep the house warm. The facade is sheathed with magnesite sheets, brick or siding. You can choose anything for your budget.

A house from a profile is very easy to assemble. Craftsmen need a drill, screwdriver and fasteners. The manufacturer can choose profiles of an acceptable size, sometimes whole room modules are assembled. It turns out, that the construction of the cottage is about 200 square meters will take no more than two weeks.

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