Now very popular construction of houses made of wood, or rather of the profiled bar. He is an innovative high-quality and durable material, which is used in all fields of timber construction. From conventional bar it is characterized by a system of "thorn-groove", which speeds up the installation of designs.home from a bar

Построенный дом из профилированного бруса под ключ имеет целый ряд преимуществ. This wear-resistant material, It brings great temperature differences, It has a long service life. These qualities make the profiled bar popular among consumers.

The characteristic of the construction of houses made of profiled beam turnkey?

Built from profiled bars have optimum heat insulation and soundproof properties, do not give shrinkage and deformation. Thanks to the perfectly accurate dimensions and technological system of connection allows for quick and high-quality execution of construction and installation works. It is recommended to use a building material for the construction of various buildings.

During the manufacturing process, timber is processed on the machines, which gives it a soft and smooth surface, providing finance savings, because they do not need to buy resources for finishing. Shaped beam protects the structure from falling precipitation inside the house, thus, не нужно во время строительства не нужна конопатка. А благодаря наличию замкового соединения «шип-паз» брус не деформируется по своей длине. If the timber is processed in compliance with all regulations, then carry out the construction of the house at any time of the year. All these advantages are obtained through the use of innovative technologies, which enabled shaped beam to become one of the most popular materials in the construction market.

Thus, дом из профилированного бруса цена под ключ является оптимальным решением, and this is confirmed by the presence of the many advantages:

  • easy installation. When laying the material does not need to perform additional alignment.
  • The lack of finishing work. The walls of the house have a natural wood grain, so no need to carry out finishing work.
  • Long life. Bruce is processed by special means, that prolong its life. Therefore, the house, made of durable timber.

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