You have decided to build his own house. For this purpose it has already purchased a plot of land outside the city. It's time to decide, what materials to build a house. In this review, we will talk about the most common variants of construction of private homes.

brick structure

Mortars at erection of brickworkIf you have decided to start construction of the facility stone, then you then you need to pay attention to the finished house designs of ceramic bricks. brick house project until now is a very popular and very-selling. As the material for the construction of a private house, Brick has a fairly good performance: thermal insulation, refractoriness, durability and reliability. essential “plus” this material is its ability to implement the most complex solutions architecture. The use of bricks in buildings will provide you with the opportunity to realize the project of his house in a different style of any design: exclusive arches, portal, projections and ledges most different configurations, exclusive types of facades.

building block

aerocrete 4block structure, or structure of the foam, often used at the present time. Dacha construction of the foam is very reliable, durable. For the construction of block homes spent quite a little time, and because it will cost you much cheaper, than the construction of houses of brick. block structure – This construction of various types of blocks. Since the blocks of foam has a cellular structure, that they are superior to the stone structure of teplosberezheniyu, as well as concrete blocks weigh a lot less, even to the foundation requirements are also reduced. This makes it possible to obtain significant savings.

Prefab objects

House of Sip panelsEverything becomes more widespread in the Russian frame construction technology. Such structures are stable, durable and last a long time. Prefab buildings (sendvichi) - a structure built quickly. This house is being built in the past month. It is important to say – These houses are very inexpensive. Defects have quite a bit of – small environmental challenges and redevelopment. Only possible additional installation of light interior walls. Heating costs in such buildings 2 times cheaper, than the panel buildings. The walls of frame buildings consist of panels, made from wooden boards, held together by special technology, and styrofoam plates such Magee, which performs the function of warming. In contrast to the wooden house not give a strong structure shrinkage. Building on the basis of wooden frame houses can achieve good performance of accessibility and the comfort of home.

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