The most commonly used in private homes filters, are installed directly into the pipeline. Distinguish such filters by type of filter material, and depending on the application and the requirements for purified water.

В наше время купить фильтр умягчитель для воды не составляет труда. As for the small apartments with one bathroom, and large houses with two or three bathrooms.

Some can be used for purification of solids, or chemical means to remove organic impurities, from biological organisms or water softener. The optimal way to perform an analysis of tap water to determine the correct type.

If necessary, to achieve the desired quality of treatment, apply filters rough and thorough cleaning. In this first position the better strainers to prevent contamination of a thin.

filters, intended for rough cleaning water, have the mesh structure of the filter element, для тонкой — картриджную. Intended to alleviate the hard water produced with the granular filler.

A granular structure is used for the prevention of scale deposits, that prolongs the life of the household electrical appliances. Cartridge regenerable filters provide high quality water purification, but are correspondingly more expensive.

Also used treatment by reverse osmosis, It has all the same drawbacks. With this method there is no water in most of the elements and minerals, the necessary human body. A second drawback is the need for high pressure in the system.

There is also a system of devices such differences in the level of purification. The more modules present in the system, the higher the quality. For instance, One module performs coarse, second and subsequent protection against the smaller substance, etc..

At home, it does not usually require the installation of this kind of filter, enough jug with replaceable cartridge.

The most accurate information on the composition of the water yield in the specialized laboratories. If you can not analyze the water, it is recommended to purchase a multi-stage cleaning system, designed for incoming water quality of any. Then the cost of determining the composition of spending threaten to turn the filter cartridge parts. The choice is yours.

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