There is a saying "laziness is the engine of progress". Phrase, of course, paradoxical, but true. Man has always sought to facilitate his work with various improvised means. (this is how the tools of labor appeared), and with the growth of technical progress and completely "shift" their responsibilities to the "machines". Technology has evolved, and this trend only strengthened, people now increasingly rely on the help of technology.

Features “Smart home”

Given that, that soon the whole world (including Russia, of course) will embrace a real boom in home automation, system knowledge “Smart House” will not be superfluous at all, it will be useful to have an idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe, what is the difference between products for designing a smart home.

There are many different foreign manufacturers of automation for complex automation of buildings and structures., but we already have our own, domestic manufacturers, an example would be Rubetek. The company is young, but has already managed to win her client and show herself on the market from a worthy side, which is confirmed by the National Award in the field of consumer electronics in Russia received this year "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR", more information about company and its products, see the official website

All systems “Smart House” can be divided into two standards “tire” and “X10” by the principle of transmission of control signals. It would be technically wise to separate all systems “Smart Home” to centralized and decentralized, but we set ourselves the task of acquainting as many people as possible (potential users of such systems!) with the principles of operation and device “Smart Home”, therefore, we chose such terms that are understandable for non-specialists.

Before moving on to equipment prices “Smart House”, we will give you some more information about these two standards of home (and not only, by the way, home!) integrated automation.

The figure below shows a schematic diagram of the smart home system.

smart home circuit

Tire system

Part “tire” system includes:

  • central block, which contains all the system control logic;
  • ports for communication of sensors and actuators of the system with each other by connecting them to a common bus;
  • remote controls for “communication” person with the system;
  • a dialer for transmitting messages about the occurrence of conditional events via a telephone line (water leak, alarm activation, etc.);
  • Power Supply (BP);
  • sensors;
  • executive devices.

The main advantage of the systems, based on this standard, is not only that, that they are easily adaptable and expandable in terms of the number and types of external devices (controlled and / or controlled), but even then, that in such systems, thanks to a special communication protocol, it is extremely easy to organize the processes of diagnostics and control of their constituent equipment. Therefore, what:

  • At first, the client can choose the initial configuration of the system “minimal” and, afterwards, supplement your system with new services;
  • Secondly, in such systems, it is easy to implement “complex” electronic control logic circuits compared to another standard “X10”.

Let us list the most well-known manufacturers of equipment for “Smart Home” based “tire” standard.

  • American companies CRESTRON, AMX и LUTRON. The products of these companies are of very high quality (how to work reliability, and regarding equipment design), but also the most expensive in this standard. But she's worth it!
  • European manufacturers: Philips, Siemens, Merten, TOUR, LEXEL and some others. At prices, this equipment is cheaper than the American one., and its design, what is called, “European” (the Americans, by the way, there is a whole line of products, which is called “European design”).
  • There is a Russian manufacturer of equipment for “Smart Home”, Moscow company “Rubetek”. The equipment produced by it is at a cost lower than the price level for similar equipment of Western manufacturers.. Implemented sets are slightly inferior “world” analogs, and if we take into account the argument price = quality, then smart homes Rubetek – this is the best that the building and structure automation market offers today.

Standard X10

The main advantage of the standard “X10” is, what signals to control “Smart Home” transmitted by, already existing in the house, electrical wiring.

Main manufacturers:

  • American company X10. Produces almost all imaginable range of equipment “his” standard.
  • Philips and IBM also produce a very wide range of standard “X10”.
  • From other manufacturers: Martec, HWG, Marmitec, Quinx as certified their products (by the way, very reliable in terms of uptime) in Russia.

Solve, what kind of equipment will be needed to implement your “Smart Home” will have to decide, naturally, only with you, taking into account all your requirements and wishes.

In this plan (equipment prices for “Smart Home”) the situation is very similar to that of the price lists of the vast majority of computer companies: in the price lists of such companies, prices for components for a computer and some basic (most in demand) configurations of ready-made computers. Naturally, which most computer buyers are not particularly interested in, what kind of components will their computer consist of, the main thing for them, for the computer to be “good” and at the same time keep within a certain amount of money. The prices for components are given for specialists., that is, for those, who works with these computers directly in the service plan.


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