Slot Machines from the company Igrosoft different fun and interesting plot, as well as the presence of free mini-games. Crazy Monkey slot is no exception, it is no wonder he was in the collection of the best free slots Volcano, see page Machine is designed as a tropical jungle, in which a monkey trying to get yourself some bananas. The player needs to help the monkey to find a treat, it will bring a significant amount of cash prize.



As a prize Crazy Monkey slot machine symbols selected pictures, that many associate with tropical jungle and its inhabitants. The drums can be seen:

  • bananas;
  • butterfly;
  • lion;
  • worm;
  • pineapple.

Substantial winnings bring combination of identical symbols with a skull, as well as a logo Crazy Monkey slot. The skull is also the "wild" symbol slot machine Crazy Monkey, he is able to turn into any other picture. The only exception is the image monkey, bringing the bonus game.

Crazy Monkey paytable. A photo

Crazy Monkey paytable

note! The maximum possible multiplier - 5000, it is activated, if the prize and prepaid lines will be five branded logos Crazy Monkey slot row.


In the game Crazy Monkey machine has five reels, these drums are marked nine prize-winning lines. Prizes are paid for three or more same symbols coincidences. These symbols must be placed in a row on the payline. Accounting combination can take place either from the right, and from the left edge of the slot.

bonus game

It is for the colorful bonus round, many players spend a great time playing on the slot Crazy Monkey. it starts, If the drums will be at least three images of cheerful monkeys. Location of pictures with a monkey relatively prize-winning lines has absolutely no meaning.

Immediately after the desired number of pictures with a monkey player will hear a fun and catchy music. The screen displays five pitches and thoughtful monkey. The player needs to help the monkey to make the right choices and to pull the desired rope. If a bunch of bananas will fall by monkey, then the player will add a multiplier and allowed to make another move. Sometimes brick or anvil could fall by monkey, that will not bring any advantage and stop the bonus game.

note! When you play the big bets monkey bonus game appears in a special protective helmet, which once save it from falling bricks or anvils.

If the player will be able to successfully test all five pitches, then comes the second round of mini-games. In this round, you need to help the monkey to choose one of two boxes. The correct choice will bring an additional factor.

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