A cramped living space is not yet a reason to refuse to create home comfort and excellent interior in an apartment.. After all, if you put a sofa in the art noir style in a small room, then it will take about 50% its area and in the blink of an eye will reduce the amount of free space. When choosing an interior style for a small apartment, you need to think through every detail., and especially - the purchase of furniture products. If you have a similar task, this review can correctly determine the choice of a stylish and small-sized headset.

If you are ... setting up a country house

Country interior style has always been recommended for the arrangement of confined spaces.. Its main differences from other interior designs are the simple and geometric shapes of the headset., small decorative details and an indispensable emphasis on orange, yellow, lemon and light green flowers. Country style furniture, offered by online furniture store with prices, should be different:

  • Small or medium size. Don't buy a dark brown tall cabinet, if the area of ​​your apartment is about 20 quarter. m.
  • Decorative finishing, which reflects daylight well. for example, mini pedestals, decorated with silver stripes along the edges, visually expand the space.
  • Light colors. Favorites for small apartments - beige wardrobes, white soft corners in the style of minimalism and narrow chest of drawers in a walnut shade. Important: furniture should not have a varnished finish!

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Classic style apartment

Equipping a small apartment in the classic style is a good solution, since the interior design provides for the use of a neat, non-massive furniture. More profitable in terms of cost will be the purchase of a complete set of furniture in the style of classics for the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Ready-made headset kits eliminate the need to think about a combination of various furniture products, after all, sometimes choosing a headset in a single color scheme is a very difficult task.

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What not to buy for a small apartment:

  • Any decorative items in the Baroque style, as well as antiques.
  • Loft-style corners - loft is designed exclusively for spacious rooms.
  • Furniture, which has a too flashy decorative finish.
  • Brown sofas, dark blue, green and red.

Consider these tips and equip your home in the best traditions of interior design.!