A large variety of fencing makes it difficult for the customer choice. With a limited budget, lack of time for the installation or the desire for a simple plain fence fit sectional welded fencing. Despite the seeming simplicity is quite durable and reliable design, who can be trusted even protect sensitive sites.

Where are weldments?

welded fencesWelded steel fences 3D successfully used for temporary fencing of construction sites and territories. For this purpose, the panel is generally used without a polymer coating with a thickness of wire 3 mm. This is the most affordable option Economy. For permanent fencing of parks, parking, suburban areas, farmland also suitable panels diameter steel rod 3 mm, but coated. For more important objects, such as schools, kindergartens, state and public institutions it is recommended to use a thick rod 3-4 mm. Nanoceramics and polymer coating substantially increase the service life of fencing. If necessary to provide enhanced protection area it is recommended to use steel sections of 5mm rod. Such structures are suitable for the protection of sensitive sites, ports, stations, etc..

Advantages of metal fencing

The main advantage is the optimum value for the characteristics and price 3D fence. This fence is inexpensive, it is easy to install, and it will last more than one decade.

For mesh structures characterized by an absolute overview of the territory, which is required when the fence of sports fields, stadiums, schools and other facilities.

Sectional coated fencing requires no maintenance and does not need regular staining. It is resistant to all weather events. Besides, in winter mesh gate, and the gate is easy to open even through the snow drifts nametennye. This can not boast wooden gates and the construction of corrugated board. Also mesh panels do not feel the wind load, eliminating their deformation in the wind.

Installation - another important advantage. Welded 3D fences do not require device foundation. Suffice it to concrete supporting columns.

Also steel mesh panels to fence, you can order doors and gates in the same design. For greater convenience, you can order a sliding and swing gates with automatic opening / closing system. Another advantage is the constant presence of additional elements (by driven piles to the pommels) and a large color palette RAL, allowing to paint the fence in any color.

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