Its functional purpose of the fences remain for centuries: they are designed to protect against the penetration of unwanted guests, Keep away from the noise and give the owners farmhouse and their families confidence in their own security. In addition, modern fences today easily maintained and aesthetic load, skrashivaya landscape, and sometimes becoming soul second portion.

Fences made of netting

Fence to give out netting combines stealth, durability, aesthetic beauty, and also complies with all the safety features and protection. If put thereon, eg, vinogradnuû vine, all the neighbors will be jealous of your unique combination of beauty and functionality of the site.

Selection of materials for fencing

Immediately before the erection is necessary to select the material and calculate their number and approximate value. For a fence of chain-link fencing is necessary to acquire iron poles, fasteners or fittings and the mesh itself.

For the calculation of quantitative indicators, measure the length of the future of the fence. Further, the number of pillars obtain, dividing the length in the 2,5 or 3 and adding 2 extreme post. Since they are usually put through 2,5-3 m. But it is worth considering such an option - the border area is a broken line. Then it is advisable to consider the number of columns directly on the ground. Number of mesh netting will be equal to the perimeter length in linear meters. A fixture and fittings with a stock take. In my cottage house the remains always go into business.

Choosing metal poles, you can go to the hardware store and buy ready-made (painted, with hooks for grid and end caps) round or square, that will save you time. Or save a little, pick up the necessary material to the metal bases.

In the second case, you can unleash the imagination: set as the upper decorative elements plugs, fancy lanterns on solar batteries, and more. As a result, to get a unique fence for the garden of the mesh netting.

When you select a mesh netting fence for cottage Three dimensions:

  • The width of the grid. It is equal to the desired height of the fence.
  • cell size. If you or a neighbor have poultry, the mesh of the net take less. This will protect your land from the onslaught of chicks.
  • quality material. The mesh can be galvanized, coated iron or just. Choose an option based on the required durability.

Installation cottage fence

To order fence of mesh netting turnkey It can be in the company “Fences Orel”. But if you decide to do it yourself, the first set columns. To do this, prepare the holes for anchor truck them, desirable to limit the depth exceeding soil freezing. To columns within the life not shrink, at the bottom of the hole creating a pillow of sand and gravel, or simply puts a brick or stone. Further, checking plumb vertical column installation, We fall asleep and rammed a hole. And can be set in concrete, but this is an amateur.

The net put in the extreme column and fasten it edge netting. To do this, use special hooks, clamps or a simple wire. Pulling a grid on the perimeter of, allowed by its top special fittings or wire, to eliminate the sagging canvas. For greater reliability, this operation can be duplicated and bottom.

The final price depends on your desire to save money and the ability to work with his hands. But on average, 10 meters of suburban fence or enclosure of netting will cost 3 000 — 5 000 rubles.

With proper installation and the selection of quality materials, he will delight you for years to come, without requiring the attention and repair.

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