Now you will find out: what are the types of stretch ceilings; variety of materials, and types of fasteners; what texture to choose – mirror, matte, maybe better to order satin ceilings. You will find answers to these and other questions in this article..

Types of materials for installation of stretch ceilings:

First of all, stretch ceilings vary depending on the material, from which they are made.

Stretch ceilings made of PVC film, are the most popular and affordable for most customers. Advantages of PVC stretch ceilings:

  • perfect evenness, smoothness, no streaks and cracks;
  • do not allow moisture to pass through, do not absorb odors, not flammable;
  • they can be dismantled and reassembled, when the need arises (in case of flooding);
  • stretch ceiling in case of dirt, you can wipe with a damp cloth or even wash the stain with dishwashing liquid.

Stretch ceilings made of polyester fabric used relatively rarely, due to their higher price. Advantages of polyester fabric ceilings:

  • installed without heating the room
  • can be used in unheated rooms (balconies, garages)


  • there is no possibility of dismantling and re-assembly
  • absorbs moisture and odors, so don't stick to this solution in kitchens and bathrooms.
    In case of flooding, the ceiling can leak water
  • Difficulty cleaning stains.

When choosing the right ceiling material, you can start choosing a surface. Film stretch ceiling (membranes) can have multiple surfaces: mirror, matte, metallic, imitating the skin, etc.. d. Ceiling, made of fabric, may have texture, resembling only fabric.

Surfaces, stretch ceiling textures:

Mirror stretch ceilings-have a mirror effect, due to the appearance of the reflection, visually increase the height of the room.

Натяжной потолок из пвх "Звездное небо"

Pvc stretch ceiling “Starry sky”

Matte stretch ceilings resemble a perfectly flat painted ceiling, sometimes it even happens, which is visually difficult to understand, what is this stretch ceiling. Choice of shades less, than in the case of mirrored ceilings, the palette of colors for ceilings made of polyester fabric is limited to light pastel shades.

Stretch groin ceilings usually used in combination with hidden lighting, which is placed under the film and it creates diffused lighting. When the backlight is off, the translucent stretch ceiling is almost indistinguishable from the white matte canvas.

Textile surface ceiling, as the name suggests, resembles a fabric with visible interlacing, only available in polyester fabric. The color palette of polyester ceilings is limited to light pastel shades.

Stretch ceiling consists of stretch material and corresponding profiles (fastened around the perimeter). The systems are also different from each other., have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of the system of fastening stretch ceilings:

  1. Standard system Barrissol type bindings are used in 90% cases. The advantages of this system are: attractive cost, possibility of dismantling and re-assembly. The disadvantage is the use of a plastic insert around the perimeter of the stretch ceiling.
  2. Clipless system the fixing is unique because of its appearance - the perfect fit of the ceiling creates the impression, like a stretch ceiling is poured into a wall. No plastic inserts or seams.
  3. Clipso fastening system used only for installation of stretch ceilings made of polyester fabrics. As an advantage, it is worth noting the small distance of the stretch ceiling from the main, Total 9 mm. The disadvantages of this solution are the high price and the inability to dismantle..

How to choose a stretch ceiling for the appropriate room.

High humidity.

If your room has a high level of humidity, steam or splashes of fat (bathroom, kitchen), it is better to choose a stretch ceiling made of PVC film, since the ceiling of this type, of course, will not absorb moisture and odors, and besides, if the need arises, it can be easily washed.

Unheated premises.
If the room is not heated, and the client has a desire to install a stretch ceiling there, it is possible to install only a stretch ceiling made of fabric, which is installed without heating and can be operated at low temperatures. Installation takes very little time and does not require a lot of professional equipment.

Very low ceilings.
In this case, the ideal solution would be a mirrored stretch ceiling., which, thanks to the use of the reflection effect, will visually increase the height of the room. To enhance this effect, you can install a backlight around the perimeter using LEDs.

Living room or other room, where a spectacular ceiling is required.
In this case, we have at our disposal unlimited options for design solutions in the design of stretch ceilings.: stars on the ceiling, printed photos, glowing ceilings in various colors, 3D ceilings, two-level stretch ceilings with various textures, mixed colors of stretch ceilings and much more.

How to choose the best company for ceiling installation

What you should pay attention to, choosing a good stretch ceiling. Of course, on the company's reputation, the ability to demonstrate the effects of previous works, availability of documents, allowing to carry out activities of this type, and that this company has a permanent headquarters. It is best to choose a company, which works with several membrane suppliers, So, so that there are as many opportunities as possible for choosing a stretch ceiling at a satisfactorily low price. Organizations operate in the market, who offer free consultations, representatives of these institutions can go to the place, where the work will be carried out and advise you. Order stretch ceiling
in Krasnodar right now you can t: 8 (861)203-40-06.


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