Heat shrink sleeves are polyethylene sheaths for durable hydro- and anti-corrosion protection and tightness of PPU pipe joints in pipelines. Insulating layer, which is applied to steel pipes, protects the structure from aggressive external factors, however, it is not located over the entire surface of the pipe - its ends remain uninsulated. These edges are a technological indent, designed for easy welding of two pipes.

Purpose of the coupling

A heat-shrink sleeve is used to protect the welding site and the near-weld area., which is made of polyethylene of the same type, as the factory coating for pipes. The coupling itself has a cylindrical shape. It is pulled over the junction of two pipes., warms up and, as a result, shrinks, tightly wrapping around the edges of the insulating sheaths. As a result, the seam tightness and reliable waterproofing are ensured..

Heat Shrink Sleeve Installation Process

  1. The coupling is put on the pipe before welding and is pushed back from the edge to a safe distance.
  2. Pipes are welded, the seam is cleaned after complete cooling, the edges of the polyurethane foam insulating layer are cut off.
  3. SODK conductors are placed parallel to the pipes, fix them with construction tape, and then soldered to the pipe surface.
  4. Sand the area well with sandpaper, where the coupling will be mounted.
  5. The edges of the insulating shell are heated with a burner and an adhesive tape is applied to this place..
  6. The sleeve is pushed onto the insulated area, heated to 90-100 degrees and begin to sit down. Heating must be carried out from the center to the edges and it is recommended to start from the lower areas.
  7. After shrinkage, the sleeve is additionally wrapped with heat-shrinkable tape and lock plates.
  8. The space between the installed sleeve and the steel pipe is filled with polyurethane foam components. A drilled hole is used for this..
  9. Then air comes out through another hole, and after half an hour, the holes are sealed with special plugs.

With the correct installation technology, the coupling forms one whole with the pipeline insulation shell, and the joint is completely sealed and protected.

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